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3D Printer

Super Racer(SR)

FLsun SR——So Fast  Shipping time:June 30 Shipment from overseas warehouse , delivery within one week US, Europe, UK, Russia, including shipping fee

Super Racer

FLsun SR——So Fast  Shipping time:April 28th Direct flight or express shipped from China , EU,US,UK,RU, CA warehouse .delivery within one week


Q5 is a very cost-effective 3D printer. It is pre-assembled and has high printing accuracy and printing speed. It is small in volume but has powerful functions such as powerful 32-bit motherboard, automatic leveling, touch screen, etc. It is specially customized for beginners.

QQ-S pro

FLSUN QQ-S is designed for speed, the printing speed is 1.5 times that of the I3 structure printer, and the printing accuracy is the same. Relying on the high-speed products and high-quality services, it has been unanimously recognized by customers at home and abroad. It has a flexible three-axis linkage system, a powerful 32-bit motherboard, a 24V power supply, a lattice hot bed, and an all-metal side shell to ensure better printing quality and a more stable structure.
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